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Ten metal SMEs will renew their inventory with 3D pieces

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The local newspaper El Comercio, talks about our newest project, 4C’s

The local newspaper from Asturias, El Comercio, published last 1st of March an special edition for Asturias Innova+, talking about the project 4C’s, the latest colaborative initiative from MetaIndustry4 Cluster, which is adressed to improve industrial maintenance and production processes on metal SMEs. The project is supported by Impulsa Gijón.

Transforming a centrifugal pump made with two steel pieces throught which water flows, in an only 3D piece, with a new design and made of a more resistant steel, is one of the examples that the article shows and that ilustrates the advantages and disadvantages of using additive manufacturing in the industrial maintenance. “And the proof, reveals that there are many more advantages, and two of them are key: the useful life of that 3D piece increases, and its amortizations is lower than the conventional production piece. 4C’s is an innovative proposal in Asturias, which looks for “emulate the processes that are being implement in big multinational companies, no matter in which sector they work, but that have in common the use of additive manufacturing in its industrial maintenance, as a way to response quickly and efficiently to the production chain”, as Jose Ramón Natal, cluster manager, explains.

Pablo Cabal, head of the Project in Idonial (Competence Centre), details that the competence centre will be part in the project on its field work phase, visiting 10 selected SMEs and “seeing its needs and identifying what pieces could be produced by additive manufacturing. Innovation in 3D technologies can be scary for some industrial SMEs, because it is seen as irreal. But 3D is here to stay”.

After the first technical and economic auditing phase about the viability of using additive manufacturing, the project will organize some activities and workshops with the aim of “promoting colaboration” in the manage of suppliers and the search of collaborative solutions, in order to develop, by additive manufacturing, the pieces identified as viable.

“A business model would be defined, based on joint management and the adhesion of a large number of companies, what will reduce production costs as a result of high demand”. “That collaboration will allow companies to address the collaborative innovation process about the production”, says María Pérez, Manager of Femetal. Once the inventory is defined, a “virtual file” of stocks will be created and the companies will be connected with Asturian’s suppliers, who will give solutions with additive manufacturing. That will strengthen the relationship between all companies of the region.

If you want to share your proposals or articles, just let us know by getting in touch with the Cluster team.


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