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Project for the development of a Project Load Terminal in the Port of Gijón

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Content and goals:

As an initiative of the Market Commission of the MetaIndustry4 Cluster, the interest arose for the creation of a Project Loading Terminal in the Port of Gijón in search of a strengthening of competitive advantages based on strategic axes such as collaboration and the search for new business opportunities.

This design aims to be a model that combines the adaptation of a physical infrastructure dedicated to the logistic operations, with the provision of different advanced industrial services, oriented to facilitate the development of the latest manufacturing and assembly processes, painting, inspections, as well as other series of activities.

In its first phase the viability and the opportunity of this Project Loading Terminal in the Port of Gijón is analyzed, being a strategic initiative for the city and for the region as a whole, becoming a dynamic element that will raise the level of specialization and competitiveness of its industry, positioning it as a reference in international markets and exerting an attractive effect for customers and investors for the main engine of the regional economy, such as the metal industry.


First feasibility study for the development of a load terminal for large capital goods in the Port of Gijón.



The participating partners in this Project are:

  • Autoridad Portuaria de Gijón
  • Cluster TIC
  • Delfin Tubes
  • Femetal
  • Grupo SEM
  • Hiasa Gonvauto
  • Moreypi
  • Navec
  • Oxiplant
  • PHB GrupoTSK
  • Talento Corporativo
  • Tuinsa Norte
  • Universidad de Oviedo