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Members of MetaIndustry4 work on the design of an Artificial Intelligence model applied to production planning

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The #MI4partners Asturfeito, Idesa, Izertis, thyssenkrupp Norte and Vorago are working on the development of a prototype production planner, based on Artificial Intelligence.

Five member companies of the Advanced Manufacturing Cluster of the Metal Industry in Asturias, MetaIndustry4, are working on the design and development of a prototype of advanced data analysis software, based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, aimed at facilitating the production planning in metal industrial companies.

It is a collaborative project, financed by the Support Program for Innovative Business Groups of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, that involves industrial companies Asturfeito, Idesa and thyssenkrupp Norte and technological enablers Izertis and Vorago.

The singularity of production systems applied on the manufacture of large equipment, together with the limitations of current planning systems and the difficulties in adapting existing commercial solutions are the main reasons why this project is being implemented as a development experimental. This model will be nourished by the contribution of data and relevant information on the production processes of the participanting industrial companies. While technological developers will work in the design and modeling of the prototype of a system for the planning of the production based on Artificial Intelligence.

In parallel to the development of the Model, the project foresees the constitution of a Working Group of Artificial Intelligence addressed to the Industry, which will be open to all interested partners, and in which the methodology and the lessons learned will be transferred.

For MetaIndustry4, this type of collaborative projects are an example and a model to follow in the progressive adoption of Industry 4.0 in the processes of the Asturian metal industry, the search for a positive impact in the optimization of production and, therefore, in an improvement of the companies competitiveness.

The project “Application of artificial intelligence for production planning in the metal industry” is a project funded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the Program of Support for Innovative Business Groups 2018.




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