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Partners of METAINDUSTRY4 work on the design of a specialized Load Terminal in Gijón Port

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MetaIndustry4 brings together a dozen of its partners to work on the design of a proposal for advanced industrial services in the port environment.


Last February 22, the Port Authority of Gijón hosted the first meeting of the METAINDUSTRY4 Cluster project team, aimed at designing a Logistics Terminal model specialized in project loading.

Through this proposal, the Cluster partners intend to approach the design of a model that does not have equivalent in Spain. This model combines the adequacy of a physical infrastructure dedicated to this logistics operation, with the provision of different advanced industrial services, aimed at facilitating the development of the latest manufacturing and assembly processes, painting, inspections, as well as another series of activities that will go incorporating progressively.

The meeting had the participation of some of the main users of the port, although it is expected that new manufacturers of equipment, assembly and engineering companies will join this proposal, in which the sum of common interests, multiplies the advantages of regional industry.