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MetaIndustry4 takes part in the 1st Intercluster National Meeting, in Pamplona

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MetaIndustry4 shown the project The development of integral solutions for chain value, as an example of a successfull case, in front of the audicence.

The first Intercluster National Meeting took place in Pamplona, Spain, from 10th til 11th of December, and was organized by the National Federation of Clusters and Business Innovation Clubs, with the help of the Navarra’s Development Society, Sodena. The main goals for the meeting were putting in value the role of clusters as competitive strategies tools, moreover, for being a way of improvement for its enterprises (specially for SMEs). During the meeting, there were shown some good practices of clusters, in order to make easier the intercluster learning and collaboration.

The congregation got together around 50 cluster organizations from different parts of Spain as Navarra, Aragón, País Vasco, Cataluña, Comunidad Valenciana, Canarias y Asturias, and others. Participants had an intense agenda, focus on making new contacts and knowing each other better, in order to make interclusters projects and collaborations in the future, to be developed in the country.


MetaIndustry4 had the honour to be invited to show some internationalization cases that turned out successfully. For that speech, MI4 got the opportunity to share with the audience the project “The development of integral solutions for value chain”, project set with the help of Asturex, and which was awarded last year with the Best Collaborative Project between Enterprises Award in the Annual Spanish Clusters Congress 2018. This project has also being selected by the European Observatory Cluster as a good practice for its next post in its platform.

This kind of meetings will be continued all along 2020 with the main goal of being an instrument to unite all innovative business associations and promote new collaborative project between them, both in Spain and in Europe.


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