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MetaIndustry4 publishes its first annual activities report

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The report is available on the web in Spanish and English.

On November 24, coinciding with the General Assembly of the Cluster, the first annual activities report of MetaIndustry4 was published.

This document reviews the most relevant activities and projects promoted by the Cluster in its first year of life.

This report includes some of the main milestones reached by the Cluster, such as the increase of more than 60% in the number of associates, or the recognition granted to the Cluster by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness as an innovative business group .

Likewise, the memory highlights the implementation of some significant projects associated with the strategic axes of the organization. In this sense, it stands out in the area of ​​work of Markets, the realization of the Positioning Study of the Asturian metal industry in the Global Value Chains, as well as the start-up of the project aimed at the creation of the Projects Load Terminal in El Musel; in the area of ​​work of Collaborative Innovation and Technological Improvement highlights the initiative carried out to know the level of digital transformation of industrial companies, an essential step for the design of a consensual roadmap to address the process of industry digitalization; Finally in the field of work related to Talent Management, the Cluster is proud of the implementation of the Master in Industry 4.0 promoted by the partners: FEMETAL, Seresco and the EPI of Gijón, being a pioneering initiative that will enable the training of professionals who have to lead the process of digital transformation in the Asturian industry.

The activities report in its digital version also has an interactive ecosystem that reflects the positioning of the Cluster’s partners in the different Value Chains in which they operate, which makes it a tool for industry visibility towards the international market.