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MetaIndustry4 hosts the second Transnational Meeting of the CEMIVET project

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The consortium met in Gijón for two days to work on the projects’progress

MetaIndustry4 is part of the CEMIVET project, along with cluster organizations from Poland, Italy, Germany and Lithuania. The objective of the project is to support SMEs from metal clusters and their stuff in order to give them a better understanding about the world transformations, to let them recognized the impacts and to know which are the measures to adapt themselves to the change, based on the Circular Economy principles.

The whole consortium met for the second time in Gijón the 29th and 30th of March, with MetaIndustry4 has the host for that Transnational Meeting. This time, all the partners were able to meet in person and work together in the project’ progress.

Until now, in the framework of the project, it has been developed an status analysis about the metal industry, specifically on the welding work process, and their application of Circular Economy principles. With the results of that analysis, it has been published an executive report in which it is analyzed each of the processes involved in the welding work and how the CE principles are approached currently.

In addition, the consortium have been working on the communication of the project, bringing the concept of Circular Economy and its principles to the interested parts: teachers and trainers of VET, technicians and welders and engineers and SMEs responsible.

During this Transnational Meeting the highlight has been the design of the following activities expected in the project: the organization of a living lab in the Italian’s headquarters, where teachers, welders and engineers will have the possibility to share impressions about the issue and get to know the benefits of Circular Economy, making industrial processes more sustainable.


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