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MetaIndustry4 creates a meeting point between the Gijon technological ecosystem and the regional metal Industry

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Last month of march, the Advanced Manufacturing Cluster of the Metal Industrial of Asturias, launched the Advanced Manufacturing Hub4metal program.

This program is supported by Gijón city council. This initiative counts with the participation of 26 companies and it aims to promote the transfer of specialized knowledge in advanced technology to the industry, to boost the growth of innovative companies through tractor effect exercised from the Industry and to generate projects for the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies.

Through design thinking dynamics aimed at fostering knowledge and collaboration, the companies have the opportunity to share experiences and expertise in order to detect opportunities for generating collaborative projects. The diferentes activities of the project Hub4Metal will let the participants to establish alliances and lead to the development of projects oriented towards the adoption of Industry 4.0.

To achieve these objectives, the project uses different methodologies aimed at promoting understanding and collaboration between Technology and Industry. The work in an active-participative way lets to know the different points of view of the members of the Industry and the technological start-ups regarding the current reality, the challenges and the possible solutions.

Hub4Metal is an informal “one-stop-shop” where industrial companies and start-ups meet in order to grow up together learning one from each other.





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