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METAINDUSTRY4 analyzes the positioning of the Asturian industry in global value chains

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The report identifies the Russian and Asian markets as future markets and proposes the development of new products through a commitment to innovation and technology.

Last May 31, in the framework of the V Metal Forum, MetaIndustry4 and Asturex presented the first study on the Positioning of the metal industry of Asturias in global value chains.

As a result of about thirty interviews with the main businessmen and executives of the industrial companies of the Cluster, it is evident that the companies of the region are present in some twenty global value chains, highlighting the presence and importance in chains such as the petrochemical sector, renewable and conventional energy, construction and building or steel and metallurgy.

The study points to sectors and geographic markets with great growth potential in the region, such as the automotive, railway or mining, as well as the markets of Asia, Russia and Oceania as the “markets of the future” for the metal industry of Asturias

On the other hand, the study concludes the high level of specialization of the Asturian metal in the manufacture of equipment goods, its good image in the international market and its marked exporter character.

Finally, the study proposes some challenges to guide the growth strategy of the sector, such as the need to increase the number of EPCs, companies that contract directly with the final customer of each global value chain, as well as bet on the Innovation and technology for the development of differentiated products endowed with greater added value.

The meeting was moderated by Teresa Vigón, General Manager of Asturex, in which the results of the study were analyzed. Participants included: Victor J. Martínez, General Director of IDESA, José Mendivil, CEO of TUINSA and Patricia González, Commercial Director of MECSA.