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Generation of Opportunities for Collaborative Internationalization

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Content and goals:

This project search the generation of synergies between the different links of the Petrochemical and Renewable Energy Value Chains in Asturias, for the identification of international business opportunities and the design of more competitive integral offers developed from collaboration.
The proposal focuses on promoting the union of the strengths of the links of each Value Chain and offering integrated solutions developed by the members of MetaIndustry4 jointly.

The chosen methodology to increase mutual knowledge and strengthen operational relationships that guide companies to improve the capture of joint business, consists of innovative and disruptive dynamics, such as Serious Game and Design Thinking, which will allow to connect the ideas, vision and opinions of the participants of the different Work Groups (one by each Global Value Chain), through collaborative construction and fostering creativity and generation of contributions by everybody.


Ongoing project

Sponsor by:


The participating partners in this Project are:

  • Asturfeito
  • Fundyser
  • Grupo Daorje
  • Grupo Hierros Marcelino Franco
  • Grupo Navec
  • Grupo SEM
  • Hiasa Grupo Gonvarri
  • Imetal
  • Isastur
  • Mecsa
  • Mefasa
  • Metálicas Somonte
  • Oxiplant
  • TSK
  • Tuinsa
  • Windar Renovables

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