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Design and development of new WAAM advanced manufacturing methods for the technological improvement of metal support structures and complex tool bases

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Contents and objectives:

The main objective pursued with this project is to assess the possibilities that WAAM technology, combined with the potential of generative design, offers for the design and manufacture of fixed metal structures, as well as the design and development of the prototype for its validation and implementation at laboratory scale.

The ultimate goal pursued with the application of this technology is to optimize the design, to lighten the weight, to reduce the cost and to reinforce the resistance through the application of this new advanced manufacturing process.

The aim is to obtain a new, improved and optimum design that allows for a reduction in the consumption of raw materials at the key points for the transmission of forces, so that the weight is reduced, while at the same time giving the structures greater solidity. The use of WAAM technology is essential, since other additive manufacturing methods do not allow a subsequent industrial use of these parts due to the mechanical requirements to which they have to be submitted.

The project, of a collaborative one, is financed by the Support Program for Innovative Business Groups (AEI’s in Spanish) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and the following companies participate in it: two industrial companies, Hierros y Aplanaciones, S.A (Gonvarri Group) and Metálicas Somonte, as well as Bezzier and Idonial, as technology developers.

The keys of the project are based on:

  1. The study of the load and resistance conditions under different matrix structures of the piece.
  2. Analyzing the influence of atmospheric conditions and the environment, in general, on the generative design for its manufacture.
  3. The final evaluation of the possible configurations for anchoring the structure to the ground or terrain.

The project “Design and development of new advanced manufacturing methods WAAM for the technological improvement of metal support structures and complex tool bases” is a project financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the Program of Support to Innovative Business Groups 2020. This program is aimed exclusively at those national Clusters and AEI’s, and the companies that make up the cluster, which have been recognized by the Ministry with the Bond Spain Cluster seal and included in the Registry of Innovative Business Associations of the Ministry.


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